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Taurus Slim ALR Lite

Available formats: 16:9
Screen diagonal:100″ / 120″

Wall, frame screen from the PREMIUM residential line

  • Fixed, wall, frame screen, frame width 12mm
  • Adapted to work with ultra-short and short throw projectors
  • The projection surface is mounted on a frame ensuring a perfectly smooth image

ALR Lite (Ambient Light Rejection Lite) – projection material that enhances the light stream emitted by the projector, eliminating the effect of other light sources, Gain 0.6.

FORMAT 16:9Image formatDiagonal of the projection fieldDimensions of the projection fieldProjection material
Taurus Slim ALR 221×12516:9100″221 x 125 cmALR Lite (Ambient Light Rejection Lite)
Taurus Slim ALR 266×14916:9120″266 x 149 cm
MaterialReflections FactorReflection angleWeight (kg/m2)Thickness (mm)Construction
Taurus Slim ALR Lite

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