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Screen inches: 133″
Available surfaces: White HD Pro / Matt Grey HD Pro

Portable electric screen with the possibility of furniture installation from the PREMIUM RESIDENTIAL line, free-standing, with the possibility of furniture installation, with a side tensioning system and integrated RF + Dry Contact control.


Available formats: 16:9

Widths: 221, 266 cm

  • Portable screen, electrically retractable, can be installed: in furniture, behind furniture, in the floor,
  • Side tensioner system,
  • Black border of the projection field,
  • Scissor unfolding system,
  • Remote control, built-in trigger,
Projection material:

• White HD Pro
• Matt Grey HD Pro

Principle of operation of ALR surfaces

The top layer of the ALR projection surface has a finely serrated structure that ensures proper direction of the light beam coming from the projector. The beam falling at an appropriate angle is reflected towards the viewer. However, external light is absorbed by the light-absorbing coating and is not reflected. Due to 99% color reproduction, image projection does not require closing the curtains during the day or turning off the light – the image will remain adequately saturated and bright.

Comparison of the ALR surface with the Matt White HD Pro surface in daytime conditions.

The special structure of the top layer of the ALR surface blocks the upper light source that interferes with the projection, and the light source below – from the ultra-short throw projector – is reflected towards the viewer, making the image clearer and brighter. This is another step in improving the image quality compared to the typical white matte surface.

Wide viewing angle of 140°

A 120-inch screen with an ALR surface provides a viewing angle of over 140°, while maintaining high uniformity of the displayed image. Combined with an ultra-short throw laser projector, it achieves the effect of a giant laser TV!

Image format16:09
Image heightH=1656mm
Image widthW=2944mm
Screen heightA=2220mm
Screen lengthL=3181mm
Cassette heightHc=102mm
Cassette depthWc=152mm
The height of the top stripHb=18mm
Available projection materialsWhite HD Pro
Matt Grey HD Pro
Viewing angleWeight kg/m2Thickness (mm)Construction
ALR LT160°   
ALR Lite0.6140°   
ALR0.4140°  PET
MW HD Pro1160°0.4450,35PVC, 1 layer, czarne plecy
MG HD Pro0.8160°0.5020,35PVC, 1 layer

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